Intercepting…Agent 8.64.704…

Below is a transcript hacked from Commissar Maine’s briefing. You will be travelling to Praine, planet Golthomar or 757 in the Cadian Sector, aboard the kraken and the 665th. You will be reporting under the guise of….transmission failure…needless to say, it needs to be convincing, for according to our inside operatives, an Inquisitor is attached to the regiment.

A large section of the regiment will be attached to Golthomar. It is your mission to ferment rebellion and disruption on Golthomar, but if you see opportunity to begin to do so whilst aboard the Kraken, with those who will be making landfall, then take it. More information will follow regarding the specifics of Golthomar’s governmental structure. For now, familiarise yourself with the data we have on the Kraken and the notable officers in the 665th. Read each carefully, for it may be possible to further hack Inquisitorial archives to discover classified information on certain individuals, but be aware, we will only attempt this on two individuals: security protocols require less than 3 hacks in a 62 day period. Simply, more than two so close together is too much of a risk.

Transmission ended

The 665th Devils are a mix-match regiment, made up of Cadians, a few Catachans and various others besides. No one within the regiment knows the reasons for their unorthodox formation, only that the forces of will that keep it working must be strong indeed.

Needless to say, cadians mostly keep company with cadians, Rorlians with Rorlians etc, but there does exist a semblance of camaraderie and fraternising between the cultures.

Despite being a seemingly chaotic mash up of guardsmen, the regiment does of course follow the standard platoon organisation. Due to Platoon Commander tactics (see elsewhere), there is a very high intake of penal soldiers. This has led to the 665th being rife with black market transactions and other criminal activities on board ship. Nevertheless, the regiment has a solid and unified fighting reputation. Other “usual” recruits are regular, and will literally be taken from anywhere, hence the regiment’s size.

One in a Trillion

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