The Kraken


The Kraken has nothing of the mythological beast that it is named after. As an Imperial cruiser, it represents everything that is Astra Militarum – functional, expendable, and operational.

In recent weeks, the Kraken has been fitted with additional armaments and specific orbital adaptations. The regiment assigned to the vessel speculate as to their destination, from what little information they can glean from the ship’s crew in regards to the modifications that have been made. Rumours abound from a seemingly uninhabited ice world, a class 3 death world said to be harbouring orks, to the outer reaches of Ultramar.

Within the ship, supposedly reside a million people, including the temporary residents that are the army. Space is cramped and what spaces that remain for social or black market interactions are dangerous places. In some ways, the ship resembles a small hive, offering similar attractions. The presence of Militarum discipline is of course the differing factor, though on a ship this size, even that can be few and far between, enabling other unwholesome activities to take place. Needless to say, punishment for such things is severe…


The Kraken

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